Vikings Secretary and Team Manager, Neil Magee records his thoughts: Photos from Linda Mulvey shortly.

Northern League, Heckmondwike v Northumbria Vikings, Sunday 13th April 2014 @ Firth Park

Division 1


Division One



Solid scoring throughout the team took the Vikings to their expected first win of the season. The three younger riders all showed up very well with Scott Latimer riding unbeaten, Dan Redshaw more aggressive again when needed and Daniel Wharrier narrowly losing out on a first ever max when chasing down Darren Kent in his last race.

Michael Parr and Jason Keith both lost points as they got ridden out wide by other riders but rode well for their partners, while Mark Mulvey also lost out after tangling with top home rider Adam Watson who snatched several points late on from the back. Gavin Parr was untroubled all day and concentrated on team riding where possible, while Terry Kirkup continued to look back on the pace dropping only a single point.


HECKMONDWIKE - Adam Watson 14+2, Darren Kent 13+1, Sandra Tomborska 9, Justin Naylor 6, Laura Watson 6, Chris Summersgill 5, Ryan Summersgill 2, Richard Wells 2

NORTHUMBRIA: Gavin Parr 14+2 (4) Daniel Wharrier 14+1(4), Dan Redshaw 13+1(4), Mark Mulvey 13(4), Scott Latimer 11+1(3), Jason Keith 10+2(4), Mick Parr 10(4), Terry Kirkup 8+3(3)

Division Three:

Scorers for Northumbria: Lewis Petre 5

Terry's Take:

A very unfortunate set of circumstances saw Michael and Jason both clearing a path for their young partners and suffering themselves as a result. Yes, "that's racing" but it did mean that the expected scoring power of both was slightly hampered and their scores suffered as a result. Obviously that also inflated a couple of our younger lads scores at the same time but the overall improvement in them was once again noticeable in terms of speed and effort. I'm sure they won't get carried away and there'll be much tougher matches coming to a track near you, soon! Thanks to the top six for allowing Scott and myself to take one of their programmed rides, a nice gesture and very useful to both of us.

Another very nice gesture came from our Chairman, Keith Dyer, who volunteered his services as Referee to allow Darren Kent and Laura Watson to conccentrate on their racing, but his offer was politely refused.

And speaking of Darren he's a real hero, single-handedly keeping his club running under such adverse conditions.

Great to see our Manchester-based support present again in the form of Margaret and Gordon Stobbs. And of course, Mark Mulvey!