The 1940's and 1950's will, for fairly obvious reasons, have to remain a sketchy outline although Jimmy has uncovered some really fantastic pictures from those two decades, some of which I will show you here, with more available on t'other web site. And of course we've had a little help from technology in our quest. OK then, e-mail and Google!

oldcyclespeedwayphotos007 600

Pic above could be from the same day as the one on our home page from 1949, repeated below, so likely one of the Newcastle teams (Magpies aka "N"s here) against an Edinburgh side.

ncactionoldcyclespeedwayphotos11 600

This one I believe shows Newcastle "Clubs" or maybe "Aces", just a shame the third rider is obscured. However there's a chance that the two Aces are in fact from Edinburgh, although I've seen a few instances of Geordies wearing this in other places on the Internet. Notice standing to the left of these, two Geordie riders, one a Diamond and t'other an "N"! Photo taken at the Union Road/Fossway track. No sign in these pics of another know local side, New Brough Park Eagles who were the first civilian club to race at Catterick Army Camp in North Yorkshire where they were the opposition at the official opening on 1st July 1950, just as I started readying myself for birth!.

The Harts 1940s 600

And this one is definitely a local side, we have the proof! Let's assume "Hearts" although it has been spelled elsewhere without the 'e'.

oldcyclespeedwayphotos009 600

And we know for certain (from Jackie Hiscock) that this is his brother taking a whiff on the left while acting as Pits Marshall! The current crop of Vikings Veterans can confirm he's the spitting double of Jack! see '60s pix for one of Jackie.

old cs 004 600

old cs 002 600

Jackie's Forties pair of Wally Green Cycle Speedway bikes in his back lane in Byker, Newcastle. Massive head tubes but Wally got some of that extra height back by sloping the down tube away under the saddle.

old cs 001 600


002 600

Jimmy Smith on his first Cycle Speedway bike, circa 1964, possibly a short time before the conversion!

All pictures on this page and a few others uncovered and willingly shared with us by Jimmy, thanks a lot mate!