Latest News in Brief

Vikings sign Polish duo!

Well, not exactly. However, father and son Szczygielski did turn out for our training stint on Tuesday 8th August and Dad clocked up some impressive lap times as the evening went on. There's not much chance of full-time involvement with the Vikings though, as he is actively involved in TK's mountain bike club! Ah, well. 

Playtime Goes Well!

(see next paragraph for foreword) 12 youngsters turned up with the staff members from NCC's LIT for the first of these two planned sessions and did some timed laps followed by an individual match before wrapping up with a few more laps against the clock. It was then time to stage a couple of "Rider of the Day" races between the two littlest flyers who'd got progressively faster and faster as time went by, and what a show they put on, absolute daredevils the pair of them and extremely quick. Video is on Facebook but I'll try to get it on here soon too. Thanks Jim Smith and Norman Carson for your support today. Next session due on 16th August.


On Wednesaday 2nd and Wednesday 16th August from 10:00 am until 12:00 midday we will once again welcome Northumberland County Council's Leisure Inclusion Team as part of their Ability 2 Play series of events when we'll hope to provide the 8 to 19 year olds another chance to enjoy themselves on our trainer bikes. Terry has this in hand and would appreciate the help of a volunteer or three to make it as enjoyable as possible for those taking part and their carers, as we seek another successful pair of sessions to follow up last year's.


A shocking sequence of bad weather just about stopped any activity from 11th June 2017 when Hull were our Northern League visitors, there then being a very long gap in either training or racing for most of the Vikings apart from the away meeting at Edinburgh on 25th. With Sheffield due to visit Cramlington in the Northern League on 9th July the Elders were getting a bit worried about who'd be able to turn in four laps!

The only breaks to the sequence were Sam Stansfield's brave show in the NL Under 10s at Stockport where he finished fourth, and of course JP Colback, Ashie Patterson, Jason Keith and Terry Kirkup were at East London for the Euro-Vets between these dates. Otherwise no-one else has turned a wheel in anger for almost a month and with the track under water on Tuesday 4th July the imposed break was extended even further. Incidentally, well done indeed to Malcolm Douglas who continues to show up rain or shine when others are snuggling around the telly.

On the subject of the East London meeting, that's the one where JP discovered the value of an extra pedal turn into the bends and found himself ahead of two former British Champions!

In other news, Jordan Smith has had his original blue rear wheel rebuilt by Terry Kirkup and the bike given a facelift with a new chain and an overhaul. Jordan performed very well in the Northern League KO Cup at Northumbria and will be looking for more improvement with a few noises gone from his bike! Unfortunately he just doesn't get enough track time for any significant uplift to his form.

Another rider who probably gets less track time than most due to never travelling is young Lee Redshaw. Once the Great White Hope of the Vikings his progress has been completely muted by lack of competition and his form is likely to go backwards now, such a shame.

Shane Gray misses out on regular Tuesday evening training sessions now since his wife's work patterns changed, so that won't do him any good at all, while club treasure (yes, TREASURE!) Keith Oldham's new job also prevents his ability to train with the rest of the lads. Altogether a very bad time for the club just now.