Report by Neil Magee

Sunday 29th March
Northern League

Northern League Division One

Northumbria were expecting little from this match, but it soon became evident they were in with a chance against a Stockport side that was forced to track three U-13 riders in their team. The Vikings lead at half-time, but the league champions superior heat leader strength told in the end, though rather than their younger contingent it was Terry Norman leading the scoring. A wily old ride in heat 16 saw Norman hold off the challenge of home No.1 Gavin Parr, all but sealing the win for the visitors as an always interesting meeting drew to a close. 

NORTHUMBRIA: Gavin Parr 18+1, Michael Parr 15, Jason Keith 13+2, Terry Kirkup 13, Daniel Wharrier 10+1, Dan Redshaw 9+1, Keith Oldham 6+2, Neil Magee 2
STOCKPORT: Terry Norman 19, Matt Lush 17+2, Chris Eaton 17, Jack Lush 16+2, Jake Read 13+1, Michael Preston 5, Louis Wright 4, Devon Campbell 3

Northern League Division Two
NORTHUMBRIA 123 (incl 57 penalty points)

Again a lack of numbers hampered Stockport, their three top young heat leaders forced to compete and therefore giving away 57 points to the home side as a result. This seemed to only add to the fun and games on track however, with plenty of incident throughout in amongst the team riding and some good racing, Dan Wharrier often in the thick of the action and providing much entertainment. For Stockport young Michael Preston was certainly flying, starting with three wins before an exclusion after a robust move on Daniel Heppell saw the home man in the fence, while Northumbria were pleased with the continued efforts of their newer riders including a fine debut for local Cramlington lad Liam Robinson.

NORTHUMBRIA: Dan Redshaw 11+1, Dan Thompson 11+1, Andy Knowles 10+2, Daniel Wharrier 9+2, Liam Robinson 9+1, Daniel Heppell 8+1, Keith Oldham 8, Neil Magee 1
STOCKPORT: Jack Lush 20, Matt Lush 19+1, Jake Read 15+3, Michael Preston 15, Louis Wright 8+1, Devon Campbell 6+1

Northern League Division Three

The Stockport trio were by far the faster throughout, although once or twice Lee Redshaw might have made more of a challenge against Devon Campbell. Louis Wright meanwhile was only beaten the once by the again very rapid Michael Preston, who was completing his 15th ride of the day by the end. Lewis Petre must deserve an award for perseverance, coming off twice in one race but still carrying on to the end without any complaint or drama. 

NORTHUMBRIA: Lee Redshaw 7, Lewis Petre 4
STOCKPORT: Michael Preston 16, Louis Wright 13, Devon Campbell