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Northumbria 91 – 53 Glasgow, Northern League Division 2, Sunday 27th April 2014

Northumbria hosted Glasgow at Cramlington. Unfortunately Glasgow could only call upon five riders.

The home team opened with a 7-3 from Dan Redshaw and Dan Wharrier, and never looked back, Glasgow failing to win a heat. Heat wins were provided by Andy McDougall (2) and newcomer Lorn Trayblis who opened with three wins. Lack of experience however led to a couple of lasts, but he is one to watch for the future.

Dan Redshaw and Dan Wharrier were unbeaten, while Scott Latimer dropped one point from 4 rides. Everyone else had good meetings.

Northumbria: Dan Redshaw 17+3, Dan Wharrier 19+1, Andy Knowles 9+2(4), Keith Oldham 13+1(4), Terry Kirkup 13+1(4), Jim Graham 9+1(4), Scott Latimer 13+1(4), Neil Magee dnr

Glasgow: Andy McDougall 13+1, no number 2, Lorn Trayblis 14, Sean Webster 8, Joe Beukmann 12, Jim Alexander 6.

Report sent in by Glasgow

Northumbria 91 – 53 Glasgow, Northern League Division 2, Sunday 27th April 2014

Dan Redshaw and Daniel Wharrier both rode unbeaten for the first time at this level, they full deserving their points as they were made to work hard by the Glasgow top two.

Andy McDougal as expected rode at No.1 for the visitors and was involved in a hard race with Redshaw as the pair clashed in the final heat, the Northumbria man however showing more determination than ever to hold on for his win. Lorn Trayblis was making his debut for Glasgow after only riding the sport a couple of weeks and looks some prospect, winning his first three races, Redshaw and Wharrier however combining to shut him out of heat 13, while Scott Latimer was also able to beat him in heat 10.

Latimer had began the meeting with a typically forceful ride to pass McDougall and rode well from reserve, while Keith Oldham was fast and smooth throughout to rack up a decent score also.

Veterans Terry Kirkup and Jim Graham reformed their old partnership which began in the 60s to score well in back up for the Vikings along with team rider extraordinaire Andy Knowles, while Joe Beuckmann another blast from the past was always consistent for Glasgow.


NORTHUMBRIA: Daniel Wharrier 19+1, Dan Redshaw 17+3, Scott Latimer 13+2, Keith Oldham 13+1, Terry Kirkup 11+1, Andy Knowles 9+2, Jim Graham 9+1

GLASGOW: Lorn Trybis 14, Andy McDougal 13+1, Joe Beuckmann 12, Sean Webster 8, Jim Alexander 6

Division 3



With no opposition from Glasgow, the junior Vikings were left to fight it out amongst themselves, Rhys Graham unbeaten thanks to several bursts from the back, while Lewis Petre and Lee Redshaw shared 2nd places throughout and had some great races too.


NORTHUMBRIA: Rhys Graham 16, Lewis Petre 10, Lee Redshaw 10

Terry's Take

Glasgow have a real "find" in young Lorn, one of those freaky happenings in our Sport when someone turns up and is immediately on the gas. I'm so glad we discovered Jack, Pete and Martin when we did or I'd feel really left out! Unfortunately injuries kept Martin and Jack away today but we had enough reserve power to have the edge over a very keen Glasgow side, looking to develop and boost their own membership over the next few seasons.

My old pal Jimmy looked a bit sharper today than he had at the previous day's Euro Vets at Oxford, his cold symptoms dying away slowly but surely. Although I slowed twice today on the last lap it didn't worry me and I would point to my efforts at Oxford where having seven rides, a long journey and then no sleep due to a little overnight visitor we were baby-sitting! Having said that, and I would add I don't yet see myself as a Division Two rider, there is no such thing as an easy ride.

With Gavin finding his own way down to Newport after hooking up with his Sheffield Stars Elite League teammates, that allowed our track staff (Mick) and Do-it--All (Judith) to be present today to help out when we'd have otherwise been a bit short-handed, with both Mr Smiths also not local. Thanks to these two, plus Jason and Norman for keeping things working today behind the scenes.

And team-wise, Andy Knowles would have been sorely missed had he not motored up from Middlesbrough to ride for the Vikings today. And how smooth did Keith Oldham look today while quietly cruising to another great score at Crammy?