Round One Report by Glasgow CSC


The Cyclones knew today we would be up against it especially when key riders couldnt make the trip to Edinburgh. The 'never give up' attitudes within the club kept us going as we just managed to get 4 riders.
Chic Mackie, Joe Bueckman, Colin Gray and Andy Macdougall battled with the top 4 rider's from Fife, Northumbria and 2 Edinburgh based club's, Edinburgh and Leith.
Chic filled in a gap, the 82 year old did an awesome job and really helped the club out.
Joe and Colin both picked up points when they could but couldn't keep the pace of the division 1 rider's.
Andy Macdougall had a big crash in his first heat battling with craig Newsome and Jake Slight. The race was awarded Andy getting 2nd place. Andy won his next 2 race's but couldnt do much from gate 4 in his last heat.

Overall Glasgow's first try at the 4's league didn't go to well but we all had good racing individually which kept spirts high. 
The racing from all club's was very exciting to watch! The league providing very close racing.

Next up was the individuals.
With the field of riders so varied everyone got split into there groups. The under 16's up first then Div1 and Div2 running parallel with each other.
Joe and Colin raced in the div2 and Andy chose to make things hard for himself joining the division 1 riders. 
Joe was Glasgow's star of the individuals. Joint 1st with 4 riders. With 2 race wins and 2 2nd places it was Joe's best performance this year. 
Colin tired after the team racing did a fantastic job beating a couple of riders with his determined attitude.

Andy started his Div1 heats with a great 2nd place and right on Edinburgh's Mikey Hewitson's back wheel. Things didn't go to plan after that, not being on the pace of the top rider's.

Glasgow host the next round on the 30th June.



 North & Scotland CSR


The second round of the Scottish Fours, at Glasgow's Cathkin Park track, looked to be going for a Leith double, they won the opening round at Redbraes. Josh Herring inspired the Vikings with two race victories on the way to a 13 point haul. Northumbria led for the first time with one race to go. Leith needed two points from Gavin Kennedy, who had already won one race, to be round winners again. Gavin was unable to get past Joe Beuckmann from grid 4, his one point seeing that Leith and Northumbria tied in first place with 45 points. Jason Keith and Shane Gray were also race winners for the Vikings, Leith top scorer being Jake Slight (who won three if his four races). Mikey Hewitson and Craig Newsome were the individual top scorers, both netting 15 points for Edinburgh who finished third on 41. Mikey lost to Jake, while Craig was beaten by Glasgow top scorer Andy MacDougal. John Hutton (2) and Craig Hardie (1) won races for Fife Revolution, the second division league leaders again showing improved form as they finished on 38. Glasgow scored 31, Andy MacDougal top scoring with 12 (which included two race wins).


Leith 45 - Gavin Kennedy 11, Ewan Tulloch 9, Niall Morton 11, Jake Slight 14.
Northumbria Vikings 45 - Jason Keith 12, Shane Gray 10, Josh Herring 13, Terry Kirkup 10.
Edinburgh Falcons 41 - Iain MacDonald 5, Mikey Hewitson 15, Craig Newsome 15, Dodie Mitchell 6.
Fife Revolution 38 - Danny Peoples 6, Kayden Davidson 7, John Hutton 13, Craig Hardie 11, E.Davis 1.
Glasgow Cyclones 31 - Andy MacDougal 12, Joe Beuckmann 8, Colin Gray 6, B.Flython 5.


Round Three Report from Glasgow CSC


Once again key members weren’t available due to work commitments and holidays, which meant being competitive in today’s 4’s was going to be impossible. 
Andy crashed in is first race and didn’t do to better in his 2nd ride. 
Chic Mackie rode at 4 just to get the point and fill the space. Not bad for an 82 year old! 
Young Ben Hutton looked fast but not able to keep the pace of the division 1 riders. 
Colin put in a great 2nd half and scored good points for the club with a 2nd and 3rd place. 
Andy finished stronger in the 2nd half with a win and a 2nd place.

In the division 2 individuals Colin looked determined and scored his best points of the series, 11 from a possible 16. 
Andy Finished overall 2nd in the individuals. A 3rd, a Win and 2 2nd places just enough in the tight field of riders to be in the top 3. 
Another top day at the 4’s!

Round Four took place at Redbraes with Edinburgh's "Leith Falcons" being the home side and currently occupying top slot in the League. This one saw Edinburgh run out winners on the day with Leith, surprisingly, pushed down to third place, resulting in a tie on points at the top of the table, with only the Northgumbria round to go. All to play for in Round Five at Cramlington! (see result of that one in Home Match menu (@Crammy).