Match Report by Neil Magee

Sunday 12th April
Northern League

Division One

A thriller of a meeting in the wind and wet, boiled down to a last heat decider as Northumbria's Parr brothers faced off against Hull's Andy Angell. Angell had ridden superbly throughout, his team riding getting his less experience team mates plenty of extra points, he needing to do so again here in the finale, with his team requiring a 6-4 to draw or a max to win. The Hull No.1 did the first part of his job as he rode Mick Parr out to allow David Cooper into third, but meanwhile Gavin Parr was away out in front. Angell soon reeled in his rival, but as both riders barrelled into the third corner of lap three something had to give, Angell the unlucky one as he ended up entangled in the fence, while Parr rode away to give his team the victory. The meeting had seen plenty of tactical battles on track and credit for the home side, must be given to the like of Chris Cooke who started with two wins, while Nathan Everett was also flying early on before being very unfortunate with a tumble in heat 16. It was that fall for Everett that set up Northumbria for their grandstand finish, Dan Redshaw pouncing to win heat 17 and making up for an earlier error when holding off Lewis Aylmer and Dominic Bent, while also for the visitors Dan Wharrier putting in some determined efforts, veterans Terry Kirkup, Andy Knowles and Keith Oldham all chipping in with vital points and Jason Keith and Michael Parr consistently scoring well.

HULL: Lewis Aylmer 14, Nathan Everett 14, Andy Angell 13+3, Dominic Bent 13+2, Chris Cooke 13+1, Rich Pawson 11 David Cooper 8+1, Katie Greaves 1
NORTHUMBRIA: Gavin Parr 18+1, Michael Parr 16, Jason Keith 15+4, Dan Redshaw 11+1, Daniel Wharrier 11+1, Terry Kirkup 10+1, Andy Knowles 6+1, Keith Oldham 4

Division Two

Hull tracked a team of newer and junior riders, which gave Northumbria a fairly comfortable win, in a good natured Div 2 encounter as the Vikings completed the double from the trip to Humberside. Dan Redshaw top scored For the visitors, while Dan Thompson and his father Paul were consistent, they forming the backbone of the Northumbria effort, while their more experienced team mates had the speed to ride away from most of the much younger home team. David Cooper meanwhile enjoyed an untroubled max for Hull, Charlie Wade his main back up chipping in with two wins, the rest of the squad all gaining good track time as their development continues.

HULL: David Cooper 19+1, Charlie Wade 12, Jack Lister 9, David Lister 8+1, Billy Thomas 7, Eddie Lister 4, Katie Greaves 4, Eve Hibbert 2
NORTHUMBRIA: Dan Redshaw 18+1, Dan Thompson 14+1, Daniel Wharrier 12+2, Neil Magee 12+1, Keith Oldham 11, Paul Thompson 10+3, Andy Knowles 8+1


Terry's Take:

It seems to have been the story of the whole Northern League so far in 2015 that teams have turned up short-handed or lost good riders through retirement or transfer. Today Hull were suffering with several key members of last year's improving squad absent for one reason or another, and the Vikings were a little fortunate to catch them below strength. However with Andy Angell in their team there was always a chance of 7 points every time he took to the track, so expert is he at covering his partner and indeed squeezing them through to the front. He was only caught out in that monumental last heat with two of the Sport's titans going head to head. Hull are indeed fortunate to have Andy in their ranks, but will he be the same standard as Gavin in 20 years time (will ANYBODY?).

There were also some great displays from another couple of very young Hull juniors in the Division Two match, let's hope they can hang on to those prospects. While our Big Three once again gathered points freely, the contribution of our Division Two stars Andy Knowles and Keith Oldham, both of whom aren't overly eager and understandably so to race in D1 can't be overstated, especially with that massive wind tunnel blowing in their faces down the home straight as well as the prospect of another five rides each. Well done lads. And Neil again showed plenty dogged determination although to be fair the borrowed bikes he used didn't do him any favours.

The D2 team had to take to the track in the worst conditions of the day with the rain now lashing the circuit together with an even stronger wind, although it did calm down considerably after the first few heats, but well done to all who took to the track in great spirit.

A landmark event with Neil's car coming to the rescue!