Sunday 15th March 2015

Northern League Division One

This fixture perhaps came too early in the season for Northumbria, several of their number off their usual pace, they going behind early on to a much stronger looking Heckmondwike outfit, although the Vikings did rally to share the 2nd half of the heats. Pawel Idziorek was unbeaten and had a very rapid Adam Watson in support, while Darren Kent provided a vintage performance with several bursts from the back. Gavin Parr as expected was the main challenger for Northumbria, brother Michael the best of the rest, while Daniel Wharrier put in a decent display also.

HECKMONDWIKE: Pawel Idziorek 19+1, Adam Watson 18+1, Darren Kent 17+1, Jake Wood 10+1, Mick Knowles 10+1, Richard Wells 5, Chris Summersgill 2, Laura Watson 1
NORTHUMBRIA: Gavin Parr 17, Michael Parr 13+1, Jason Keith 13, Daniel Wharrier 11+3, Dan Redshaw 9+1, Terry Kirkup 4, Fred Mitchell 1, Andy Knowles dnr

Combination Challenge

This was a good natured work out for both teams, a draw being the result as all riders rode in a very sporting manner, fitness as well as good riding often playing a telling part in the racing at this early stage of the season. Young Tom Whitwam looked to have enjoyed himself in top scoring for the hosts, Justin Naylor also recording a good score. Dan Thompson was Northumbria's top scorer looking very fast at times, Brandon Smith and Paul Thompson also having steady debuts, while Fred Mitchell rode unbeaten in his three outings.

HECKMONDWIKE: Tom Whitwam 16+1, Justin Naylor 15+1, Mick Knowles 11, Adam Watson 11, Chris Summersgill 9+1, Laura Watson 8+1, Russell Warcup 5
NORTHUMBRIA: Dan Thompson 13, Fred Mitchell 12, Brandon Smith 10+1, Paul Thompson 8+2, Jim Graham 8+1, Andy Knowles 8+1, Neil Magee 8, Dan Redshaw 7