Report by Neil Magee

Sunday 30th August
Three Rivers League @ Edinburgh

Match 1

With Lachlan McDougal taking an opportunistic two wins from reserve, Glasgow edged out the host of this round of racing, Gavin Kennedy very rapid in taking a max to lead his adopted (for this series) team home for a welcome victory. Euan Kennedy lead the fight for the Falcons, but with Neil McPherson looking a little off his usual pace and several youngsters and newcomers given opportunites, the Falcons had to give 2nd best here.

EDINBURGH: Euan Kennedy 19, Louis Foxley 11+2, Neil McPherson 8+1, Ewan Tulloch 8+1, Dode Mitchell 8, Skye Mitchell 5+1, James Foxley 5+1
GLASGOW: Gavin Kennedy 16, Joe Beuckmann 16, Terry Kirkup 11, Lachlan McDougal 9, Colin Gray 8+1, Jim Alexander 5, Chic Mackie 2

Match 2

Northumbria lost out in the final heat as the two Dans were done on the first corner by a very impressive Ewan Kennedy and Neil McPherson, the Falcons taking the 7-3 they needed to reverse a 2 point deficit. Dougie Morgan came into the meeting having sat out against Glasgow and probably made the difference that allowed his team to win this time out. 

NORTHUMBRIA: Dan Redshaw 15+1, Dan Wharrier 12, Shane Gray 10+1, Andy Knowles 8+2, Keith Oldham 8+1, Neil Magee 7, Richie Smith 4+1
EDINBURGH: Neil McPherson 18+1, Ewan Kennedy 18, Dougie Morgan 13, Louis Foxley 5+1, Dode Mitchell 5, Skye Mitchell 3, Euan Tulloch 3, James Foxley 1

Match 3

Glasgow drafted in Terry Kirkup as a guest in place of Andy McDougal, he the fast starting Gavin Kennedy and the busy Joe Beuckmann making this a fairly competitive run out for the Vikings. Northumbria had the strength in depth however to close out the win this time, Jim Graham coming into the team at reserve and rattling off 10 from 3 rides.

GLASGOW: Joe Beuckmann 15+1, Gavin Kennedy 15, Terry Kirkup 13, Jim Alexander 8, Colin Gray 5, Lachlan McDougal 4
NORTHUMBRIA: Dan Wharrier 13+1, Andy Knowles 11+2, Dan Redshaw 11, Shane Gray 11, Jim Graham 10, Keith Oldham 8, Neil Magee 4+2, Richie Smith 2

Retro Masters
GLASGOW 42 (Joe Beuckmann 16+2, Chic Mackie 10+1, Jim Alexander 10+1, Colin Gray 8)
EDINBURGH 41 (John Murphy 16, Mikey Hewitson 13, Ian McKinlay 8+1, Ian Moultry 2, Dougie Muir 2)
NORTHUMBRIA 35 (Jim Graham 11+1, Jimmy Smith 8, Terry Kirkup 8, Richie Smith 6+1, Neil Magee 2+1)