Report from Neil Magee, pictures Linda Mulvey.


Sunday 3rd August


Northern League

@ Hessle Raceway

Northen League Division 1



Northumbria worked hard to keep things tight during the first half of the meeting, only four down at the conclusion of heat 10, but the home side pulled away with 7-3's in heats 12, 13 & 15, to seal the win. Andy Angell and Adam Stephenson were both unbeaten for Hull, they also team riding well, Craig Boddice and Rich Pawson teaming up with them for two of those crucial heat advantages, while Sam Schofield also rode hard with some good gating from the No.1 team slot. The Parr brothers were as always in the thick of the action for the visitors, though Gavin was perhaps not quite at his best after celebrating his third place at the British Veterans the day before a little too hard, leaving Jason Keith to top score from a handy reserve berth position.

HULL: Adam Stephenson 18+2, Andy Angell 18+2, Sam Schofield 16+1, Craig Boddice 14, David Cooper 11+1, Chris Cooke 8, Rich Pawson 7, Josh Bellis 4+1

NORTHUMBRIA: Jason Keith 18+1, Gavin Parr 14+3, Michael Parr 14+1, Mark Mulvey 12, Terry Kirkup 9+1, Dan Redshaw 9, Andy Knowles 6+1, Jim Graham 2

Northern League Division 2



Northumbria could hardly have tracked a more experienced side, with over 360 years worth of rider age in their veteran septet, while Hull in contrast tracked a young side including two debutants to the sport. Two of the Veteran Vikings in particular played a crucial part in the match, as with all but maximum man Dan Redshaw dropping points they maybe shouldnt have, Jimmy Smith and Keith Dyer stepped in to put in some key rides as back up, just tilting the match in the visitors favour as they went into a last heat decider all square. Hull had their two new guys programmed in that finale, Greg Brown putting in an impressive chase before a fall, leaving young Tom Rance with no chance against Redshaw and another veteran Terry Kirkup as the Vikings took a match winning 7-3.

HULL: David Cooper 19, Greg Brown 13+1, Josh Bellis 13+1, Charlie Wade 10+1, Katie Greaves 8, Tom Rance 6, Craig Boddice 2+1, Rich Pawson 2+1

NORTHUMBRIA: Dan Redshaw 20, Neil Magee 14, Andy Knowles 12+1, Jim Graham 11+1, Terry Kirkup 10+2, Jimmy Smith 6+1, Keith Dyer 4+1


the committee will consider some new club rules which are proposed to be introduced in the wake of this afternoon's match...

1. club members will try not to consume their own body weight in alcohol the night before a match.

(unless they are the team manager or jimmy smith)

2. club members will please refrain from regurgitating the ill-advised contents of their stomach, or otherwise barfing, chucking up, or any other form of 'puking', wherever possible during a match.

and finally...

3. all riders must stay awake for the duration of the meeting !

Terry's Take

We did better than expected today due to the home side's absences, but both Mark and Gavin confessed to being slightly off form, one for mechanical reasons, one for his unhealthy Saturday habits respectively, but we'll forgive the latter just this once!

With the Division One match going more or less as the realists expected, it was left to the Division Two lads to compensate, and here Dan Redshaw was flawless with I think his third Div 2 maximum, well done Dan. If it had been down to me alone I'd have "thrown" more than just my first ride as I simply don't agree with experienced racers taking on little folk and newbies, league points at stake or otherwise, and I also enjoy encouraging those new to the Sport or those struggling. However, the rollicking I got back in the pits forced me to behave and we managed to stay close enough to Hull all the way through to allow Dan to win the match for us in that last heat.

Jimmy Smith's first ride was totally memorable, his old pins giving way three laps in after brilliantly holding off the young homester, while after that Keith Dyer managed to hang on gamely and follow Jimmy home in their final race for a crucial bonus point to the delight and loud appreciation of the pits, yet another one for the archives. Yes, it's all wrong to have such age disparity in the same race but hey, these two are THE backbone of our Club and we should all be extremely proud of their continuing support and unwavering dedication.