And finally, the Nineties!

Well, there's not a great deal left now of the Club's history as it was again due to fizzle out after another few years, this time for good, and after 1992 only individual Newcastle riders participated in any competitions, apart from the Parr Brothers riding for Heckmondwike, Gav for a couple of years and Mick an amazing 10. Having said that, you are now reading this as a direct result of some sad sexagenarian's fantasy(OK, Keith Dyer's!) because of which there's a distinctly microscopic chance it is about to be resurrected again 20 years later for 2012!

Subtle difference this time, however, in that every ex-rider who has crawled or been teased out of hibernation in 2011 to become a part of this is now a Veteran, (that's Over 40 in CS terminology) and the new Club - NCSC Veterans - is definitely NOT looking for younger members, a complete reversal of the Club's aims in every season it operated before now!

So, how did it all end? - Epitaph...

1990 - Secretary: Terry Kirkup 1 track. We reformed thanks to an influx from Park View School at Chester-le-Street where Newcastle Speedway followers Neil Magee, Paul and Andrew Dickinson, Kristian Walker and Craig Jordan. Rejoined the British League North.


1991 - Secretary: Eddie Parr? 1 track.

Terry should have made his debut in the 1990 Veteran's Championship but because he was an "underling", from the "frozen north" the Cycle Speedway Council moved the goalposts at the very last moment when they told him he was ineligible because although he was forty, the event was due to run six days after his 40th birthday, and that wasn't enough! Judas Priest, how anti-Newcastle (or anti-Northerner) can you get?

Anyway, they couldn't use the same excuse this year so he took his place in the semi-finals at Leicester's superb Slater Street stadium and qualified for the Final along with some very illustrious names from the past, including Dutchmen! Fell off twice while leading and finished tenth with 10 points. Great to be amongst the Great Names of Cycle Speedway just for a sniff.

Our revival didn't last long as transport became a major issue for us, and Gavin and Michael Parr had other plans from the rest of us so we handed in our notice to the British League North, and this is the sort of reaction we got from the likes of my old mate Frank Finnegan, who I then christened "The Smiling Assassin", in a friendly way, of course: (click for bigger image)


You have to note that all the way through Cycle Speedway's history teams have come and gone, clubs have folded, and many right in the middle of a season. At least we did the right thing by informing the League as early as we could, but did that help our cause? No way!

This wasn't the first time I'd been stitched up like this by the same crew, see 1986 (ZXCVVFSD ch3ck this)

1992 - Secretary: Neil Magee 1 track.

1993 - RIP NCSC!

1996 - Ashie can't put it down, takes part in the Veteran's Final at Hull, just for the hell of it!

I have to extend the Nineties into 2000 and beyond to wind all this up without making you move to a fresh page, so here goes:

2005 - Mick Hoult, Ashie Patterson and Terry Kirkup - a familiar sounding trio if you jump back to 1978 - put their names in the hat for the British Veterans Final meeting, held this time at Wednesfield. Ash and Mick rode in the same qualifier but didn't manage to make the Final, while Terry rode alone in his and did, thanks to the grooming, (oh, maybe shouldn't use that word!) no, coaching of our Team Manager for the day, Keith Dyer. Jim Graham was also on hand, though I've no idea how, to capture the event on camera for posterity. Quite fitting that these five from the Good Old Days managed to make it out for this trip.

Both qualifying rounds were ridden in puddles under a deluge, but it faired up and turned out pretty nice for the Final itself. This was really hard going for our sole survivor, not just due to the infamously vast expanses of the Midlands track but to have to ride a qualy first. So that's the excuses, about six points scored but still a brilliant event to take part in, and well worth the trip down there.