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North Tyneside Riders

Another great bunch of 20 youngsters from the local North Tyneside Riders cycling club became our final group of visitors in 2016. With the accompaniment of a coach and several parents, the youngsters had a great time in super conditions after early drizzle and like those before them seemed to enjoy their visit. Last time the girls were much to the fore while the junior stars from NTR produced a slightly faster crop of boys. Once again Richie Smith's warmup and coaching session was followed by an individual competition with some very entertaining and speedy laps clocked up and unfortunately another slight brush with the second bend fence! No major damage done though, and another successful day for Richie and Terry in their continued quest for new riders.

Phoenix Flies In

Saturday 17th September from 0930 to 1100 am saw only the second ever visit to the Viking's lair of a youth cycling club, as we bade a very warm welcome to a group of youngsters from the famous Newcastle Phoenix Cycling Club. Their visit was a huge success and for our visitors enjoyable one, and of course if anyone else out there would like to come along and sample short track racing any time they are more than welcome. We provide top notch race bikes for anyone who can handle them, in three sizes from adult to intermediate (16 inch approx) and junior (14inch approx) or you can bring your own if these may be too big for you. Newcastle Phoenix are. like ourselves, school-based, their HQ being at the Excelsior Academy in the West End of town. They also welcome any junior or youth riders, or indeed as we do,  adults too so why not pop along there some time if you fancy some alternative biking disciplines? 

More Starlets Shine

Terry's second session with Active Northumberland's Disability Sports section took place on Wednesday 17th August, and once again it threw up some great prospects amongst the teenage and younger riders. One young man in particular showed super speed and after the session asked if he could return. Like so many youngsters these days, however, he's also into other things with the dreaded football training preventing him from attending Gavin Parr's Tuesday junior sessions. Just our luck!

Saddle Up

It's taken quite a long time for some of our riders to equip themselves with their own bikes but it looks like we're almost there now, or could be soon. Latest recruit Jordan has really gone to town buying new parts, and with some extremely generous donations from Jason Keith has got himself a very nice bike after less than 2 months in the Sport. Well done indeed Jordan. To cap that, our latest and very recent recruit, veteran JP Colback, has ordered a spif new Mielec frame, fully intent on creating something "extra special" for his first full year in the sport in 2017. A real bike enthusiast is JP, great stuff.

Mind the Gap

We're currently half way through a crazy gap in our Northern League fixture list which sees no full team activity between the home match against Edinburgh on 3rd July and our next NL encounter against Heckmondwike on 4th September. The Vikings will be lucky to recognise each other on that day! Meanwhile the other NL clubs have been actively engaged in their own NL fixtures, lucky them. The only saving grace is the fact that our inspirational skipper Gavin Parr has been suffering with a knee injury most of this time and would not have been able to race, although he's continued his superb junior training sessions on Tuesday evenings. Here's the latest little band taking part in our British Cycling "Summer of Sport" series. 


Cycle Speedway? It's a Breeze!

Sunday, 24th July saw a small group of British Cycling's Women's "Breeze" North East members take over the AstroDrome for their first visit to a Cycle Speedway track, and although numbers were lower than expected principally due to holidays, those who did attend enjoyed their initial experience of Cycle Speedway. The ladies were first put through Richie Smith's carefully mastered coaching session before being let loose in a mini-individual won by our own young Women's Leader, teenager Samantha Crane.Well done indeed to those who attended under the guidance of Bronwen Banner, and thanks also to Britsh Cycling's Northern Development crew Lorna Bennett who provided the prizes and Andy Samanjoul who declined to do a few laps!

Not a Breeze member? Not a female? No matter, whoever you are you are cordially invited to visit our track at Cramlington Sporting Club any time to get a glimpse of the Sport and you are most welcome to give it a shot, bikes and helmets provided FREE. All you need do is turn up and show willing!  Refreshements, seating and free parking readily available, we're just behind the tennis courts. We are also expecting to host a bicycle polo match on the same day running concurrently with the Breeze Ladies racing, so plenty to keep you entertained on this day.

Breeze Cycle Speedway 24 July