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The scoreline was not unexpected, nor important, both teams enjoying some sunshine and reasonable conditions in a very useful pre-season work out. The Aces myriad internationals and superstars were always going to run out easy winners, just as they had done at Edinburgh the day before, but there was still plenty of competitive action on track. Highlights were the races involving guest Mikey Hewitson of course, but Michael Parr, Jason Keith and Terry Kirkup all perhaps surprised themselves with decent victories over their illustrious opponents, while several others were also in the hunt and often came close to more points. Paul Hearld, Lee Kemp and Mark Griffiths all went unbeaten for the visitors, Chris Jewkes losing out only to new elite league team mate Mikey, while Steve Mullinder also looked to enjoy himself with four straight wins. Our thanks go to the Aces for chosing to visit our humble little and still new track, they being a class act on and off the track throughout the whole day.

NORTHUMBRIA: Mikey Hewitson 13, Jason Keith 11+1, Terry Kirkup 9, Dan Redshaw 9, Michael Parr 8, Dan Wharrier 8, Shane Gray 7, Neil Swanson 5+1, Keith Oldham 5, Andy Knowles 4, Paul Thomson 3+1, Dan Thompson 3, Lee Redshaw 2
WEDNESFIELD: Paul Heard 19+1, Lee Kemp 18+2, Mark Griffiths 18+2, Chris Jewkes 17+2, Lee Aris 17+1, Steve Mullinder 16, Scott Doherty 13+1, Ben Mould 12, Harry Everiss 13+1, Connor Dyke 10+2

Bradley Stansfield won the junior support event, twice holding off Lee Redshaw who rode from a quarter lap handicap in the heats, although Lee did have the last of it, riding through the field to win the finale.
Juniors: 1st Bradley Stansfield, 2nd Lewis Petre, 3rd Sam Stansfield
Finale Winner: Lee Redshaw

Wotz Hot?

Vikings Look Forward

After a somewhat disappointing end to our 2017 season in the Northern League we had hoped for better things with the launch of our Local League, the first in the latest era of the Club, but although it provided great racing and brilliant entertainment indoors at Blyth Sports Centre it wasn't very well attended. We have to hope that some of our less regular members can find a little extra enthusiasm for 2018 as we embark on a rebuilding programme with a serious search for junior talent led by Coach Richie Smith.

Gosforth Road Club

With luck and a fair wind we should have some company at our Blyth Sports Centre session from the most famous Cycling Club in the North east on Saturday 2nd December, fingers crossed!

Can you shed any light on this?

TK made some changes to the track floodlights on 23rd October while the School was on half term break. We now have much better coverage with some changes in the aiming angle of each lamp.

Local Winter League off to a Flyer - see Training Page.
bike4healthDr Bike condemns our brakes!
Hethersett racer Josh Herring trains at Crammy!
Jason Keith gets Battle of Britain call-up at Hull.
Vikings AGM scheduled for Sunday 17th September
Knowles to have hand operation on Tuesday 29th August.
Smith in talks with Tour of Britain organisers.
Disaster strikes Skipper! - see Latest.
Vikings sign Polish duo - or not? See Latest.

Jason Keith forgets his shoes!

Jason Keith wins his first Euro-Vets "A" Final
Jason Keith gets SCOTLAND call-up!!!
Jason Keith gets England call-up
Jason Keith gets Battle of Britain call-up

Knowles Tri-umphs!

Andy Knowles was untouchable in the quest for our "Clubman of the Year" award for the third year running in 2017. After his nasty hand injury at the back end of the season his big brother, Euro-Vet regular Mick Knowles accepted the award on Andy's behalf in his absence. Here  receives his belated "Vikings Clubman of the Year 2016" award from Sheffield Team Manager Adrian Brownell. This was the second year running that our semi-detached (Middlesborough) Mister Dependable had won this award in recognition of not only his fabulous support in travelling with a home team 30 miles distant, but also his totally unselfish on-track performances which have also made him our Bonus Point King.


Club Coach to Luxury Coach!

Saturday 29th October 2016 and our British Cycling Head Coach, Richie Smith joins a very select band of fully-qualified Cycle Speedway Coaches at Wednesfield, elevating himself from Lord to God at the Vikings lair. Not sitting on his newly-won laurels, Richie immediately sizes up some opportunities for winter indoor racing at several venues on Tyneside should the desire to race be strong enough. Some interest has already been shown by several of Terry Kirkup's Team Midaircrisis mountain bike club colleagues so we may see some fresh talent if this comes off.

Richie Takes First Prize!

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