Robins Wrap It Up For Christmas

Saturday 9th December saw the final round of our inddor Winter League season before we closed it all up until mid February when we entertain the Council's local Inclusion Department and kick off the Spring League. This one will continue until we have a decent outdoor surface to race on at the track. See Training Page for full details of the final conflict. East End Robins continued their dazzling form aided nicely by the return of JP Colback who hadn't raced in the league this series but sure went out with a bang on his first appearance.


Rounds Three, Four, Five and Six of our Local League went ahead as scheduled at Blyth Sports Centre, and we'd like to thank the superbly co-operative management and staff there for their assistance.

The surface provided amazing grip, at least as good as any outdoor track, possibly even better! Richie Smith put the Friday Bike Night returning youngsters through their paces for an hour before we got the chance to try it out.
See Training page (link above) for today's match details.


Keith Dyer has produced our Northern League Division One averages, please click this to viewDivision Two also available here.


 Poor turnout for LL2 but match goes ahead with missing rider rules ebhanced.

Quite a few missing riders for the second round of what we hope will remain the established format of three teams, allowing for expansion from the current 4-man sides to permit any number of additional riders if and when we recruit some!

The Holystone Hawks looked well up against it today, a cool, breezy but sunny Sunday 29th October, with only their skipper Jason Keith making an appearance. Rather than switch riders away from what we hope will be their permanent teams, some quick and decisive rider replacement rules were conjured up and the result was another extremely close encounter, even if the on-track competition wasn't quite as it should have been. See Training tag above for full details.


Another CYP visit on the cards

Yes, after a successful first visit by the Cramlington Youth Project last Wednesday (below) we are following up with a visit from their disabled group next week (1st November) at 5:30 pm for an hour. With Norman Carson, Terry Kirkup and possibly Shane Gray once again signed up for this one feel free to call in and lend your support.



We will soon be running our taster sessions again following the success of the Family Bike Nights. If you are interested please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details of upcoming sessions. For those looking a bit further ahead we are definitely running five INDOOR sessions at Blyth Sports Centre commencing on Saturday 4th November from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm (Under 16) and 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm for adults. Only £2 per session including bike hire and instruction from our British Cycling Coach. Sessions 2 to 5 will run from 18th November to 16th September. NOTE no session on 11th November.



bike4health A smashing group of young people aged 12 to 16 at the track on Wednesday18th October to sample Short Track racing. Dr Bike was on site too from Bike4Health to give the once-over to any suspect machinery. All of the project members took to the bikes in a matter of minutes and enjoyed a series of races with one or two exceptional performances. We hope to expand our new tie-up with Cramlington Youth Project next year.



Following recent talk-ins and several suggestions on where we go with the Club now, it was decided we should start a serious local league. Best suggestions came from Vikings new Team Manager Dan Wharrier and old timer Ashie Patterson so we're going to try out the following format due to decreased rider numbers for the foreseeable future:

The plan was to create FOUR league teams each with TWO riders, call them permanent members for now. Each team would have a reserve which could change as the season progresses to cope with rider availability. The reserves can take as many rides as the other team members but must ride at number three position in the programme. Likely team leaders would be Jason, Lee, Dan and Josh. They would each get a "B" grade rider as a permanent partner and another as reserve. After the short team match there could be a Grand Prix style individual where each rider's points earned in a series of semi-finals and a final (much like the Euro-Vets age category system) would also count towards his team's score that day. "A" grade riders would not race against reserves for GP/team points. Trophies will be awarded at the end of the league to the winners from each grade. Some of these rules may be subject to modification on testing out the new formula.

Sunday 15th October at 10:30 am saw the system tested for the first time. See Training page.



Why not pop along and take a look? Northumbria Vikings are always looking for new riders of any age but particularly teenage BMX riders with excellent bike handling skills. We have plenty of kit for anyone who'd like to try the sport for themselves, all completely free of charge and with expert supervision and coaching advice. All you have to do is ask!

Outdoor training started on Sunday 5th march, 2017. See 2017 Begins! Training reports and results here!













kveðja {norse - "welcome"}


Eh, what's Short Track Racing?

I've been asked so many times by people who've never heard of Cycle Speedway "What is it?", and decided it's best NOT to use the "Speedway on pushbikes" analogy we've used since World War 2, because an awful lot of folk have never seen motorbike Speedway either, but rather to call it "pedal bike racing on a short oval track". So that's what I'm calling it here, you may prefer "Short Oval Racing", I would certainly prefer a name change for a new era - shame on me!).

You won't find shorter than this!


So now, visitor, you know what Cycle Speedway is from the photographs here. Those of us (probably the vast majority) who have it in their blood will describe it as being similar to Roller Derby on bikes, others maybe suggest Destruction Derby is closer to the truth, as a googlie at some CS videos on YouTube may suggest. However savage some of the "friendly" on-track conflict may appear, we love it, get loads of fun and plenty of laughs from it, make new friends, travel quite a bit and stick with it for ages. It is, of course, a great way to stay mobile and reasonably fit if you'd otherwise be using only your elbows to support a glass or a PS4 controller.


Come and have a go!

So, reader, now you know. With 2 or 3 metric dozen clubs around the UK, you can find one close enough to go take a look. You'll be made very welcome, you'll be loaned a bike and helmet, and you'll be shown the ropes by a track expert wherever you land, it's that kind of setup. We are waiting for you at Northumbria STRC (oops, sorry - CSC) but your first visit will prove fruitful whichever club you aim for. Use the links above or below to get in touch, or just turn up at the track when we resume serious Northern League Racing activities on 22nd March at 2:00 pm. Come and watch free, come and ride free. It's your move!




Wotz Hot?

Gosforth Road Club

With luck and a fair wind we should have some company at our Blyth Sports Centre session from the most famous Cycling Club in the North east on Saturday 2nd December, fingers crossed!

Can you shed any light on this?

TK made some changes to the track floodlights on 23rd October while the School was on half term break. We now have much better coverage with some changes in the aiming angle of each lamp.

Local Winter League off to a Flyer - see Training Page.
bike4healthDr Bike condemns our brakes!
Hethersett racer Josh Herring trains at Crammy!
Jason Keith gets Battle of Britain call-up at Hull.
Vikings AGM scheduled for Sunday 17th September
Knowles to have hand operation on Tuesday 29th August.
Smith in talks with Tour of Britain organisers.
Disaster strikes Skipper! - see Latest.
Vikings sign Polish duo - or not? See Latest.

Jason Keith forgets his shoes!

Jason Keith wins his first Euro-Vets "A" Final
Jason Keith gets SCOTLAND call-up!!!
Jason Keith gets England call-up
Jason Keith gets Battle of Britain call-up

Knowles Tri-umphs!

Andy Knowles was untouchable in the quest for our "Clubman of the Year" award for the third year running in 2017. After his nasty hand injury at the back end of the season his big brother, Euro-Vet regular Mick Knowles accepted the award on Andy's behalf in his absence. Here  receives his belated "Vikings Clubman of the Year 2016" award from Sheffield Team Manager Adrian Brownell. This was the second year running that our semi-detached (Middlesborough) Mister Dependable had won this award in recognition of not only his fabulous support in travelling with a home team 30 miles distant, but also his totally unselfish on-track performances which have also made him our Bonus Point King.


Club Coach to Luxury Coach!

Saturday 29th October 2016 and our British Cycling Head Coach, Richie Smith joins a very select band of fully-qualified Cycle Speedway Coaches at Wednesfield, elevating himself from Lord to God at the Vikings lair. Not sitting on his newly-won laurels, Richie immediately sizes up some opportunities for winter indoor racing at several venues on Tyneside should the desire to race be strong enough. Some interest has already been shown by several of Terry Kirkup's Team Midaircrisis mountain bike club colleagues so we may see some fresh talent if this comes off.

Richie Takes First Prize!

see Latest News.





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