kveðja {norse - "welcome"}


Eh, what's Short Track Racing?

I've been asked so many times by people who've never heard of Cycle Speedway "What is it?", and so far the quickest way I've found to get someone to understand CS is NOT to use the Speedway analogy we've used since WW2, because an awful lot of folk have never seen Speedway either, but rather to call it "push bike racing on a short oval track" and if you still have their attention after that, to start expanding on your one-liner.

Since I typed that line above, I think I probably prefer "Short Oval Racing" as a heading, but hey, I like the way STR looks in red! (on top of that, with my fingers crossed firmly behind my back, I wouldn't mind a name change - shame on me!).

Of course these days it's probably quicker and easier to guide them to YouTube videos on their mobes, but hopefully the art of conversation isn't completely dead yet, and it's always nice to pour out a bit of history and revel in past glory if you have any.

So now, visitor, you know what Cycle Speedway is from the photographs above. Those of us (probably the vast majority) who have it in their blood will describe it as being similar to Roller Derby on bikes, others maybe suggest Destruction Derby is closer to the truth, as a googlie at some of the aforementioned videos may suggest. However savage some of the "friendly" on-track conflict may appear, we love it, get loads of fun and plenty of laughs from it, make new friends, travel quite a bit and stick with it for ages. It is, of course, a great way to stay mobile and reasonably fit if you'd otherwise be using only your elbows to support a glass or a PS4 controller.

Come and have a go!

So, reader, now you know. With 2 or 3 metric dozen clubs around the UK, you can find one close enough to go take a look. You'll be made very welcome, you'll be loaned a bike and helmet, and you'll be shown the ropes by a track expert wherever you land, it's that kind of setup. We are waiting for you at Northumbria STRC (oops, sorry - CSC) but your first visit will prove fruitful whichever club you aim for. Use the links above to get in touch, or just turn up at the track when training resumes late February. It's your move!

Here we go again!

Absolutely ANYONE who can ride a bike, any flavour, is more than welcome to join the Vikings as they continue their 2015 pre-season training on Saturday 28th February at 1:30pm for about an hour and a half. See our Forum or Facebook page for latest updates.

Wotz Hot?

Impressive Riding



Red Faces!
A very young Andy Angell (gate 4, red helmet) makes primates out of Jason Keith (gate 1) and Terry Kirkup!

Do not use!



Big holes filled in, all tyre packed and beautiful again.
VIKINGS DO NOT RIDE ON IT PLEASE! It just needs some more wetness and the roller on now, thanks to Jim Smith for shifting that pile of shale we foolishly removed back where it belongs this afternoon.

Mulvey Departs



Loss of the big man himself
As the curtain comes down on another fantastic season for the Vikings it is with great sadness that Mark has informed me that he can no longer commit to racing for the Vikings in 2015.

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 The Season Looms!

Not too long now before "tapes up" time at the Sporting Club as the Northumbria Vikings begin their 2015 Northern League campaign. With a great many rider transfers taking place over the winter acroos most of the English teams there''s a feeling that the Vikings may be the only club not to have strengthened their side, so expectations will start out pretty low. But in reality until we see an influx of strong teenage talent from local bike clubs, schools and passers-by we've accepted that the wooden spoon is a distinct possibility this season. On the bright side of course, the spirit in the camp is perhaps stronger than ever as we continue to build and improve both the track and facilities in readiness for World Domination!

Prediction time

And although we've been out of action now for a wee while I can't resist making a long-term prediction based on the evidence I've collected over the 2014 season. And what pearl of wisdom does TK wish to impart before the new season gets underway? Well, little has changed since we took the bold step of rejoining CS on a national league basis, we are still little more than a Veteran outfit with only half a handful of youngsters, not quite what we expected. We did nevertheless see some magic performances by a couple of schoolboy racers last year so there's a clue for you. The answer? If he continues to progress like in the last six months I have a strong fancy that we may have unearthed the next Gavin Parr in the shape of "little" Lee Redshaw. No pressure!



We are always looking for extra help on match days and all such offers would be gratefully accepted and really appreciated. Like most other amateur sports clubs we do depend heavily upon parents and relatives, so if you think you could offer to help out in even the smallest way then just ask any club member for further information. You can also e-mail our Volunteer Co-ordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


and of course anyone else over 16, both ladies and gentlemen - there is NO UPPER AGE LIMIT and this year we have riders in their early-20's and early 40s making their debuts! Come along on Saturday and show us what you can do!

Keep watching here and our FaceBook page (see link above) for information on training, racing and coaching, and come see what our Sport can offer YOU!


you ride with the Vikings entirely at your own risk