Happy New Year!


Let me, on behalf of all the Vikings, wish all our families, friends, supporters, sponsors and all Cycle Speedway folk a very Happy New Year.


Prediction Time?


And although we've been out of action now for a wee while I can't resist making a long-term prediction based on the evidence I've collected over the 2014 season. And what pearl of wisdom does TK wish to impart before the new season gets underway? Well, little has changed since we took the bold step of rejoining CS on a national league basis, we are still little more than a Veteran outfit with only half a handful of youngsters, not quite what we expected. We did nevertheless see some magic performances by a couple of schoolboy racers last year so there's a clue for you. The answer? If he continues to progress like in the last six months I have a strong fancy that we may have unearthed the next Gavin Parr in the shape of "little" Lee Redshaw. No pressure!



Jason Keith - Champion of Northumbria CSC


Vikings Number Two rider Jason Keith added his name to the list of NRC title winners today with a clean sweep at the AstroDrome, Cramlington. With five impressively quick starts in his five rides he left little but a dusty blur for the others to follow as he amassed his unbeaten twenty point score. Second favourite on the day, Michael Parr, offered most resistance and these two stood above the others in another great day's racing at the Sporting Club.



Vikings finish in Third Place -


In another great season of Northern League racing, the younger set of Vikings riders showed excellent form both at home and on their travels around the northern UK to finish a very creditable third in Division Two. Team Manager Neil Magee would love to hear from anyone who would like to try Cycle Speedway with a view to gaining a place in the team as it prepares for winter training and aims for a higher position in 2015. Just turn up at the track, e-mail vikings@northumbriacsc or call/text the number shown above for further details.




BMX Riders!


You are only one step away from becoming a Cycle Speedway racer with the close proximity and rapid acceleration skills you already have, so come and have a blast around our supersonic track!


See our Forum for details of more open training for all club members and any new riders who would like to try our Sport, bikes provided free of charge. Wear long sleeves and long trousers please. ALL ages welcome, 6 and up (all the way to 66!)




We are always looking for extra help on match days and all such offers would be gratefully accepted and really appreciated. Like most other amateur sports clubs we do depend heavily upon parents and relatives, so if you think you could offer to help out in even the smallest way then just ask any club member for further information. You can also e-mail our Volunteer Co-ordinator at





and of course anyone else over 16, both ladies and gentlemen - there is NO UPPER AGE LIMIT and this year we have riders in their early-20's and early 40s making their debuts! Come along on Saturday and show us what you can do!


Keep watching here and our FaceBook page (see link above) for information on training, racing and coaching, and come see what our Sport can offer YOU!


See what the Vikings did in 2013 here


record For the Record

According to Wikipedia, the last coming of "...the Viking Age began dramatically on 8 June 793 ad when Vikings destroyed the abbey on Lindisfarne". Well, the latest began on 22nd February 2011 at Newcastle Central Library when several Veteran Vikings from the NCSC of yesteryear destroyed a cake or three in the cafe!


welcome Welcome!

The old Newcastle Cycle Speedway Club has been regenerated over twenty years after going into cold storage and is back to full-scale League racing again! But this time we're based at the brilliantly bike-aware Cramlington New Town, the safest cycling town in the North, within the grounds of the Learning Village. We have fantastic support from the School, Sporting Club, Blyth Valley Arts & Leisure and the Town and County Councils.


cs Cycle What?

Don't worry, you're not alone. Cycle Speedway has managed to keep itself pretty well hidden since the Second World War. However, it remains British Cycling's fourth oldest cycling discipline and most major UK towns have staged the Sport at one time or another since then. If you've seen real Speedway racing on telly or live, maybe at Newcastle, Berwick or Redcar then just imagine a miniature version using pedal power instead of 500cc engines, and you have us. Tracks are virtually identical but a fifth of the size of a Speedway track. Racing is fast and furious. It is labelled the most anaerobic cycle sport there is. Riders have just 45 seconds of frantic activity to reach the finish line and those 45 seconds are more physically demanding than anything outside of Space Shuttle launch procedures. Putting you off? We all had to learn this game slowly, from tentative first laps to progressing steadily, learning how to corner, remain upright, start correctly and how to apply Elastoplast. Once you've cracked it there's no better feeling, and when you consider the average age of the current Vikings Elders you'll have almost living proof that it gets in your blood and stays there.


pard Partnerships

Vikings Head Coach and Funding Officer Richard Smith has spawned his brainchild, the Cramlington Bike Hub with the aforementioned local organisations joining the Tony Blair Foundation and ourselves as we set out to provide a lasting and successful cycle racing adventure for the population of Cramlington and greater Northumbria. The fabulous folk at the Town Council became the most recent members of the Hub together with Northumberland Sport and Sported. We also have a fantastically generous new sponsor for 2014 in Parkside Logistics of Birtley who join our two long-term supporters and Alan Keith-JMR Electrical.


goride British Cycling

Cycle Speedway was absorbed into the British Cycling domain some years ago with all clubs now having to register and adopt a fresh set of regulations. The Vikings are no exception and following on from our signup and the terrific local response to building a track here, we have also become a BC Go Ride Club. Being part of this particular genre sees us gearing up to provide professional quality coaching to Under 16s with a view to producing future champions, whether or not they chose to remain in Cycle Speedway or move on to another BC discipline.


joinus Join us!

We are ALWAYS looking to attract new riders, coaches, officials and match day helpers. If you like the idea of getting involved, simply turn up or send an e-mail or text for more information, bikes and kit provided free. That "Find Us" button to your left isn't an advert for a food manufacturer, it's the easy way to learn where we are and how to get here from anywhere else. You really will be most welcome to either come and watch the action, bring your offspring for a trial or have a go yourself - it's so easy it's unreal! Current riders' ages 6 to 66.


tbsf “Our club works in partnership with the Tony Blair Sports Foundation to increase the numbers of qualified coaches that we have volunteering within the club, ensuring that as a club we are able to grow and develop by supporting more members.  Having more coaches will allow more individuals to join us and get active and will ensure that there are enough coaches in place to help new members when they join.  We look forward to continuing the development of our club and are delighted to be working with the Foundation to achieve this.

If you are interested in helping our club please speak with a member of the committee.  More information about the Tony Blair Sports Foundation can be found at You can also follow them on twitter (@TonyBlairSF) or on Facebook (”




you ride with the Vikings entirely at your own risk